Poker run Staff Page


Project Manager: Stephanie

Budget & Accounting ; Stephanie                           Docks ; Robyn & Lynette

Prizes: Melisa                                                                    Sponsorships ; Brad

Merchandising ; Wanda                                        Check in Coordinator; Lisa 

                   Marketing : Connie


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NOVEMBER 30, 2022 Have break even numbers from AYC ; Melissa

DECEMBER 31, 2022 ; CREATE BUDEGET:  Stephanie

DECEMBER 31, 2022; Approach HOA / Dock Committee to have NO Wake that day ; Stephanie

DECEMBER 31. 2022 Secure all 6 Docks (Robyn & Lynette) At least 2 back up docks

DECEMBER 31, 2022; Procure 40 decks of unique cards; Melisa 

JANUARY 10, 2023 ; 7:00 pm Next Poker Run Staff Meeting at the Diva Den

MAY 29, 2023 ; Begin Ticket Sales

AUGUST 5,2023; Poker Run Event

Poker Cheat Sheet

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October 17, 2022 ; 7pm Kickoff meeting

Attendees: Stephanie; Robyn; Wanda;  Lynette; Lisa ; Melissa; Connie

Did not show: Phyllis ; Brad 

Felicia ; Has bowed out of the committee

1. Event Date & Schedule:

     1. August 5, 2023;

     2. Time

            a. 2:00 pm Docks to open at 2pm;

            b. 5:00 pm Turn in

            c. 6:00 pm Prizes awarded

2. Create Lake into 6 zones; See Map

3. Budget: Stephanie

     1. Revenue

          a. Buy in $30 each (350 to 400) When do we start selling?

                i. AYC $20 ($7,000)

                ii. Docks $5 ($291) iii. Prizes $5 ($1,750) iv. Extra card purchase ($5) b. Sponsorships


                   Wait until we get break even from AYC before Buy in break down but AYC $15 ;

                   Docks $10 ; Prizes $5 was suggested

         b. Sponsorships for Merchandise 

2. Expenses

     a. T-shirts for Staff

     b. AYC

     c. Prizes

     d. Docks

     e. Playing Cards

     f. Tables & Black table clothes

     g. Wrist bands for paid folks

     h. Dock bags

          i. Cozies

          ii. Color Changing cups

4. Assign Staff:

     1. Budget & Accounting: Stephanie

     2. Marketing; Connie a. Poker Run Logo ; Ann Marie Diva den and LW b. Map of LW zones to pass out c. Facebook posts d. Signal; Work with Gail Hull ( $110 for signal e. Send out rules f. AYC Flyer

3. Docks: Robyn & Lynette

     a. Sign up 6 docks one from each zone

     b. Work with dock owners

     c. Encourage themed docks


          Kent & Regina ; Honey H ; Philips ; Stern ; Marquette ; Pools have expressed interest in hosting docks

          Possibly utilize a Anchored floating pontoon for a Dock if needed 

4. Prizes: Melisa

     a. Secure prizes

            i. There will be 3 winners at each table.  There will be 6 tables ;  18 Winners

            ii.Winner T-shirt 

      b. Award prizes on event day

5. Sponsorships: Brad Korn

         a. Secure sponsorships

         b. Exclusive sponsorships???

6. Merchandising: Wanda

     a. Back pack bags

                  i. Cozies

                  ii. Custom Wrist Bands; LW & Diva den on them

                   iii. Color changing cups iv. Map of lake with zones v.

     b. Poker Cards

     c. Poker Chips

     d. Staff T-Shirts

     e. Sell T-shirts (I survived the LW Poker Run) ; Winners


7. Check-in Coordinator: Lisa

      a. Recruit Poker table workers (one poker master for each line)

     b. Check people in day of event c. Best hand board ( In case of tie?) d. Photo of best hand

8. Other: ??

5. We need to publish a schedule of deadlines

     1. Secure 1 dock for each zone

     2. Create a budget

     3. Create package of instructions for each dock

     4. Purchase Poker Chips 5. Purchase playing cards

     6. Create bags for docks

     7. Begin Ticket Sales & Track against expenses

     8. Secure AYC

     9. August 5, 2023 10.

6. Regular status meetings? We want most of these done and secure before summer so let’s nail down all meetings between now and then

7. Creating a section of the web site that is only for staff; You will be getting log in credentials soon.

8. 2 Ladies from winter fest want to help 2) Next meeting (???????)


    There was a lot of discussion about going back to using cards handed out at the dock instead of poker chips.   The poker chips were a way to control cheating or the perception of cheating at the event.  

           Need to procure custom tamper proof seal or tape for envelops.

           Melisa will get unique card decks ; Dazzle has custom playing cards