Qtr Committee Meeting notes

September 11, 2022 Quarterly meeting

1) Last Qtr review     

     Smokin on the point did not happen because Mike backed out after his partner backed  


     Summer Sunset Cruise did not happen this year     

     Cornohle tournament was a success; Matt winner again     

     Passed out business cards to team     

     Merchandise ; Wanda will take this over T-shirts ; Hats ; Cups ; Cozies (Phyllis will work on)

2) Upcoming Qtr     

Winterfest November 19, 2022          

     Phyllis kids choir ; Lynette charity food drive ; Robyn Crafts ; Stephanie Photography and

     snow machine ;      

Watch party at AYC Dec 4 Chili cook off  December 4, 2022 at AYC    

              Connie and Stephanie presented and got AYC board approval 

3) Football movie nights start after super bowl ; Waterboy was suggested

4) Fantasy Football ; 12 owners this year5) Poker run August 5,20236)

Next Meeting is December 4, 2022