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Chili Cook off Staff Page

2022 Chili Cook off Retrospective

Date: December 4, 2022 at the AYC

Time; 1pm for contestants and 2pm for general public

Contestants: 11


Shannon Everitt/ Stacy Tadokoro (2nd Place)

Roger Parsons

Chris Pinney

Aaron Vial

Steve Stephan (1st Place)

Phyllis Balanga

Regina Hancock

Aaron Sexton

Kent Putman

Randy Cain

Linda Harte (3rd Place)

Judges: 3 Judges

Heather Taylor; Tim Keeling; Brett Parsons



The competition was an open to any chili type


Entry fee for chili was $30

Cost at the door to eat chili was $8

One person from each entry fee can eat chili without paying.

Our revenue for this event was $712

Our expenses were $693.

The expenses included the trophy that we will not have in future years.

Based on this model we might expect a $200 profit in future years.

Helpers the day off

Connie worked the front door to take $8 fee and provide wrist bands for those eating

Jerehmiah helped to set up and tear down

Stephanie’s thoughts:

The overall event was a great success. It was attended by approximately 50 people. The energy was very high and warming. I think the amount of chili made was a good amount for the number of people there. Although, Stephanie did make an additional crock pot that wasn’t entered into the contest. Clean up took only about ½ hour.

Some areas to improve on

1) The judges needed a hot plate under their muffin tin to keep chili warm while judging. Or maybe disguise the crock pots and the judges get served one chili at a time for judging.

2) We need to ensure the AYC has the ability to have TV’s on and operational for the game early

3) Organizers need to be at the AYC at least 1 hour before the contestants arrive to set up.

4) To have tables on each of the chili pots to show how spicy they are for the general audience eating.  A 1-5 Chilis to show heat.

5) have AYC board to a shout out on their FB page to advertise 

6) Have Diva Den board members bring a side and deserts ; Wanda and Phyllis 

7) Raise the price to eat to $10 : Phyllis 

8) Avoid the Sunday before the Ladies Luncheon ; Wanda

A special thanks to Connie who even though didn’t feel 100% still helped out and sold wrist bands for people to eat.

Also a special thanks to Jerehmiah who helped set up and tear down